AI Services in Customer Engagement Services

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AI Services in Customer Engagement Services

AI Services are Learning to TalkBack, Thereby Changing Customer-Employee Experience


Ever since the COVID19 pandemic situation, contactless services have gained groundbreaking popularity. Here, the customer or the employees interact with pre-programmed systems to serve their purpose.

A communication-less procedure may become tiring and hard to follow, so companies are looking forward to making it a two-way communication system between the customer and the system.
Companies all around the world are working on achieving a pronounced role for artificial intelligence and machine learning, or conversational AI, which will add the intelligence needed to deliver superior customer or employee experience. Deloitte recently analyzed a sudden boom in the number of patents in the area of conversational AI to assess the direction of the market.
The data from conversational AI vendors showed that the volume of interactions handled by conversational agents increased by as much as 250% in multiple industries. Moreover, around 90% of companies mentioned faster complaint resolution, and over 80% reported increased call volume processing using conversational AI solutions.
You will be surprised to know that 2020 witnessed an 81% increase in customer interactions with automated bots. Who knows, you may find a customized version of Alexa handling your bills in your nearby supermarket someday.

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