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IEM Daily (I_Educate_Myself Daily) - Video Lecture Notes is a Daily Lecture Notes Sharing Platform where Lecture Viewers Can easily get the corresponding Detailed Notes of video lectures as well they can share their own notes to help others!

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IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes will make your study better and interesting

Elaborately noted down lecture notes can help Viewers to save their time and grasp the concepts quickly. IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes is a Smart Platform where Handwritten Notes are provided along with Video Lectures for a better outcome.

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Awesome Features

I Educate Myself Daily Foundation Team focuses to give a great User Experience through IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes Mobile Application & It is absolutely free for everyone.

  • Clean Code

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes is based upon User friendly Interface.
  • Dark Mode

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes supports toggling dark mode for late night studying.
  • Creative Design

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes designed Creatively with feed-based Topics.
  • Responsive Design

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes is compatible with all devices of Various Display Sizes.
  • Fast Update

    I Educate Myself Daily Foundation Team is always working on Application Updates to give Users a bug free experience.
  • Quick Start

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes Uses most expensive SSD Servers in the market to give our Users a smooth experience.
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    IEM Daily (I_Educate_Myself Daily) is a Daily Lecture Notes Sharing Platform where Lecture Viewers Can easily get the corresponding Detailed Notes of video lectures as well they can share their own notes to help others!

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    Fequently Asked Question

    Check Out the answers of mostly asked questions by Our Daily Notes Writers & Readers.

    How can I join as a Daily Notes Writer ?
    Go to Come,Join With Us! Section of IEM Daily App & fill up the Contact Us form using referral code ieda0 (in case you do not have any other referral code). After Submitting the form, you will get Daily Notes Writer Private Telegram Group Link via your Mail. Join the Group after installing telegram App to get updates about upcoming Open Projects on which you can write handwritten notes.
    On Which Topics Can I Write Notes ?
    You can write Lecture Notes of any Youtube Video Playlist with which you are Comfortable.
    What is Open Project ?
    Open Projects are Projects available for Daily Notes Writers for making Lecture Notes of Corresponding Video Playlist. Always watch lectures from Open Project Section to write Lecture Notes.
    What if my desired Lecture Playlist not present in Open Project ?
    If Your desired Lecture Playlist is not present in Open Projects then fill up the form from Notes On Demand. Our team will update your project as soon as possible.
    Why I must watch lecture from Open Projects Section while preparing notes?
    Daily Notes Writers are always requested to watch lecture from Open Projects Section because as soon as Our team will get acceptable notes from one of our notes writer partner, the project will be removed from Open Projects Section & will be published in IEM Daily containing the Videoes and Notes.
    Where will I submit my prepared Lecture Notes?
    After Visiting to Daily Notes Writer Section, submit your handwritten lecture notes in Softcopy Submission Portal form.
    What is Open Project Post Link in Softcopy Submission Portal form ?
    Visit Open Project Section through your browser to get your required post link. Link-->
    Can I submit notes of a single video ?
    No, Daily Notes Writers have to prepare lecture notes of entire playlist before submitting their notes in Softcopy Submission Portal. Submit One Single .pdf file by writing all the lecture notes.
    What will I get after my lecture notes submission ?
    After Approval of Lecture Notes by Our Editor Team, Daily Notes Writer will get Project Completion Certificate from IEM Daily & 20% Revenue Generated from In Page Advertising will be given to Daily Notes Writer Partner for every upcoming month. Notes Writer's Profile will be published in IEM Daily Post.
    What is the procedure of writing lecture notes at IEM Daily ?
    Content Features: 1. Handwritten Notes must be legible. 2. Lecture Notes must contain all Written Part of Faculty. 3. Lecture Notes must contain all Verbal Part (Understanding) of Faculty. 4.Submit One Single .pdf file by writing all the lectures of that project. [Overall if Readers watch lecture once, after that they would not to be watch it again; Lecture Notes would be sufficient enough to revise.] Lecture PDF Features: 1. Start a new Lecture from a New Page of Your Copy. 2. Write Lecture Number & Topic of the Lecture as Heading in your Notes. 3. Maintain Page Number in Top Right Corner of your copy. 4. Scan Properly your Copy Pages.
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    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes built upon minimal design & dark mode enabling option for late night studying.


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    I Educate Myself Daily Foundation Team believes in Users' Satisfaction is the ultimate goal above all. Check Out What Users Say about us.

    Very helpful for the preperation of a certain topic

    Gaurav Barua


    The app is very thoughtfully developed to provide quick references as well as thorough notes on topics. The interface can improve with time, but with regard to functionality, it is 10/10.

    Sayan Sil


    It's a very good platform to enhance the knowledge of youth. It provides quality resources which are really useful and beneficial.

    Sudip Ghosh


    So good to be a part of this app development project...nd this app covers lectures on almost all subjects be it science, commerce or humanities...

    Rishita Das


    No problem faced. It's good platform. Very interesting. Learned and gained good knowledge in this platform.. No issues.

    Shivaji Basu


    It has been a wonderful experience to work with IEM_Daily platform. Gave me a lot of insight and knowledge regarding digital marketing

    Romit Bhaumik


    I have been working as intern and note writer for this app. I think this app is a good platform for learning and sharing. Here you get video lectures along with that hand written notes. So it's very helpful. Also almost all the topics are included here. It's very useful for the students.

    Aditi Sengupta


    IEM daily is a wonderful platform for people who are strugling with gathering notes for video lectures. It also supports the people who maybe need an additional income.

    Brajit Paul


    Great landing page, where the cards of what you need are available. Amazing!

    Nirmalya Misra


    A very good platform to share notes of each other on the basis of self learning or self study

    Aniruddha Ghosh


    This platform really helped me to learn, giving me an opportunity to earn from it

    Tathagata Ray


    This app is very helpful for learning purpose especially when all the classes in almost all schools and colleges are held in online mode. We are getting notes corresponding to youtube videos that saves a lot of time . Not only it saves us from the tideous job of looking for the right material it also provides the notes to it written by others which in turn opens a source of income for many students.

    Arpan Adhikary


    Meet Our Team

    IEM Daily - Video Lecture Notes is Completely Possible for the Continious Efforts of Our Team Members.

    Sugato Kundu

    Application Developer

    Avik Das

    Web & Graphics Designer

    Avijit Bose



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